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6 definitions by Soccer Fan

An annoying trumpet-like instrument played by fans, mainly in African countries, in football matches. They may be banned from Fifa for the 2010 Fifa World Cup in South Africa.
Fan #1: Did you hear the fans go crazy when South Africa scored the goal yesterday?
Fan #2: No! I had to put my television on mute because of those damn vuvuzelas!
by Soccer Fan September 07, 2009
889 299
Term for the website "My Life is Persian"
#1: I shaved yesterday, and now I need to shave again. MLIP

#2: Man, you got that from!
by Soccer Fan July 16, 2010
52 16
A nickname for Zlatan Ibrahimovic because he is so good, he is like a magician.

Comes from a magician's term of "abracadabra".
Ibracadabra scores again! It's magical!
by Soccer Fan July 16, 2010
39 6
A derogatory Persian word to describe Arabs, referring to the term "lizard" from the stereotypical view point of Arabs eating lizards in deserts. The racial hatred began during the Arab Invasion of the Persian Empire, and has been enhanced after the Iran-Iraq War.
Person #1: Did you see that marmoolak eating that nasty creature!?

Person #2: Yeah, they are disgusting people.
by Soccer Fan July 15, 2010
39 10
The nickname for the town of Rancho Penasquitos in San Diego, California.
Shit goes down in the 'Dirty Q'.
by Soccer Fan August 30, 2011
16 1
When you undergo a physically demanding activity that braids your ass pubes.
'After scoring that touchdown, I noticed that I had braided ass pubes.'
by Soccer Fan November 04, 2011
8 1