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A type of harness specifically for the purpose of sexual intercourse in which one partner is suspended, either above a bed or in a clear area, while the other moves freely. Though there is considerable variety, most common sex swings have a sling for the back, another for the butt & stirrups for each leg, which can be adjusted. Some models are suspended from a bunjie or spring to provide bounce.
1) kid: Sweet! your step-mom has a swing in her bedroom!
friend: ya but she won't ever let me use it. Let's go watch SpongeBob.

2) Sex in the City Guy: Do you swing?
Girl: you mean with other couples?
Guy: No, I mean SWING...

3) Honey let's use the sex swing tonight, I want to try a new position.
by Socata September 05, 2007
A long term girlfriend who stays at your home. Similar to a stay at home mom or a housewife, with the exception that your not married & have no children. She cooks, cleans, plays with the dog, watches TV & fucks the shit out of ya when you come home. Typicly has the occasional part-time job, just to break up the boredom.

This does not mean some Gold digger or Skank who shacks up with you for a month or two, always bouncing from bed to bed with the frequency of a cheap Ham Radio.

The Stay At Home Girlfriend arrangement works as such: You pay all the bills & give her shoping money. She maintains your household & provides sexual favors. Works quite well really.
My ex-girlfriend Dani was a stay at home girlfriend.
by Socata August 29, 2007
when your traped in the back country snowmobling or skiing. if your cold you can shit your pants to stay warm.
Kyle gave himself a New Jersey Hot Pack when he got lost in the forest.
by Socata November 10, 2007
A smack in the mouth, across the face, or in the stomach. Usually followed by make-up sex or a simple grudge fuck.
Josh smacked his baby's momma in the mouth, she liked the Minong Foreplay, so they fucked.
by Socata January 05, 2008
Girl who's nipples are pointed outward, not strait forward, similar to the eyes on a walleye (fish).
Brandon: hey man. that trim I had last night had walleye tits!

Sam: eww sick dude!

Brandon: ya but she's a great lay. I did her doggie cuz I wasen't sure which one to look at when I was on top!
by Socata August 22, 2007
This occurs when you drop ass while wearing heavy clothing or coverall type clothing. The stench dosent escape throught the fabric. It travels up and vents out around your neck like smoke out a chimney.
Ace: Did you just drop ass in your Flightsuit?

Goose: Ya, I'm waiting for the Chimney Effect.
by Socata August 28, 2007
Vietnamese theme resturant where food is prepared at your table similar to Benihana's. While guests are waiting for a table the ladies are striped naked & placed in a small wooden crate. Gentelmen are seated on a dirt floor with a wicker basket placed over their heads, then filled with live rats. When your table is ready your hands are tied behind your back & then lead thru a low narrow dirt tunnel with live bamboo vipers nailed to the celing. The main dining room is basicly a large outdoor bamboo cage. Several drums of burning karosene are placed around the room & helicopters can be heard off in the distance along with intermitent small-arms fire. The smell of napalm & human waste can be found in the air. When your chef arives a waterbuffalo is hearded to the table & shot several times in the head with an AK-47. Guests are alowed to cut there own steaks from the beast. Waiters speak little english & mostly yell in vietnamese periodicly inserting a heavily accented 'GOD DAMN GI.' Often one person at the table is singled out & repeatedly struck in the head with a cane pole. Customers are served a variety of drinks served in a cup with chiped ice & shards of broken glass. During the meal guests are seranaded by a NVA genaral who shouts communist propaganda thru a bull horn. After paying the bill, you receive a Metal of Honor for geting your family released.
After eating at Taste of Hanoi I have a new respect for American Vetrans.
by Socata August 30, 2007

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