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Groupin is defined as, “a group of people that virtually brings individuals of all sorts regardless of caste, creed, ethnic origin or even religion to one single platform, where they can have full emancipation to enjoy all kinds of luxuries that actually exist in human life.”
Groupin is a combination of two different words; ‘Group’ and ‘International.’ The definitions of these two words from the perspective of Groupin are as under:

1. Group – It primarily refers to the ‘grouping, gathering or flock of people.’
2. International – It refers to a pretty broader term that reveals ‘overall humanity, which exists on this planet.’

Groupin is similar in meaning to the word, ‘Globalization.' As we know that the word globalization means shrinkage of the world to one single village, Groupin, here means a group of people virtually allying at a platform of their common interests to avail anything and everything with full emancipation.

Translation of Grouping; from Scottish (Gaelic) to English language also reveals the word, ‘Groupin’.
by Sobi123 February 01, 2011

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