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Kurosaki Ichigo is able to transform this form after his training with Uruhara. His personality greatly changes and so does his power.The only side effect is his hollow form as an evil alter ego. He later is able to use a mask that gives him the same power as his hollow form but without the side effect. He can only maintain this power for 11 seconds.
Hollow Ichigo is a pimp and bitch at the same time.
by Soapy Taco May 17, 2008
The best band ever.
Guy 1: Towpath is awesome wish they were still together.
Christan guy: They deny Jesus *runs away to pray *
Guy 2: Hellz Yeah
by Soapy Taco September 08, 2008
Smelling like loud weed when carrying weed on your person or after a hotbox.
Calvin had that kush cologne on last night, he had a quarter of OG in his pocket.
by Soapy Taco October 02, 2015
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