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Oh my good lord. I am a Sophomore in SoCal and all the people i know have vaguely heard of some sexual meanings realated to these things, but the people that wear them (including me) wear them solely for fashion. Mostly Punk Rock Kids wear them at my school, like i said its a fashion thing. I was shocked to learn that my only 2 bracelets (one black and one green) mean that i want to get laid and have a makeout session w/a stranger. For Christs sake people, bracelets dont determine a kids sex life, i dont honestly think that the banning or allowing of these bracelets will affect either way teen pregnancy or the transmission of STD's or other important things like that....God grownups can be so stupid sometimes......
You just broke one of my 2 bracelets?!? ya, ok, your a cute little hottie, but i'll only do that if you promise to get me a new bracelet......(you should have just asked, then we wouldnt have to go through this bracelet breaking bullshit)
by SoCal PunkRoker May 12, 2004

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