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An excellent two-man band that began in Phoenix, AZ in 2004. Members are vocals/lead guitar Sean Bonnette and upright-bassist Ben Gallaty. Commonly classified as "folk punk". The lyrics focus on things such as social anxiety, poverty, humanity, religion, existentialism, and politics, as well as "serial killers, cigarettes, child abuse, and a vengeful Jesus". They often collaborate with other bands. Commonly abbreviated as AJJ.
"People", "Jesus Saves (God Hates Us All)" and "David J is a Siccness" are examples of Andrew Jackson Jihad songs.
by So-Called Person December 08, 2013
Representative Francis J. “Frank” Underwood (born July 26, 1959) is the House Majority Whip and anti-hero of the hit Netflix original "House of Cards". He is, on the outside, a Southern gentleman with a kind smile and a polite demeanor. He is in fact a ruthless, power-hungry politicking machine who regards nothing as important but his wife, Claire, and absolute power. Extremely vindictive and effective at getting his way, Francis is an ever-rising star in the upper echelons of the government.
Francis Underwood: There are two kinds of pain. The sort of pain that makes you strong, or useless pain. The sort of pain that's only suffering. I have no patience for useless things.
by So-Called Person February 04, 2014
A subject that is of general and mutual agreement among the majority of internet users. This subject will typically spark little to no controversy when an opinion pertaining to it is discussed. When a disagreement arises in relation to the Internet Consensus it is usually disputed by someone who is wrong. Because it is widely accepted as a fact it thus becomes a fact.
Example(s) of Internet Consensus(es):

1: Firefly is the greatest work of television of all time.

2: Justin Bieber is awful.
by So-Called Person July 19, 2013
Obnoxious female fanatics. These obsessive and insufferable bitches will latch onto something for superficial and often stupid reasons and, much like leeches, will kill it slowly until it is uncool. They are easily spotted by their over-zealous dedication for a subject of pop-culture, self-described "nerdiness" and stupid t-shirts. Current victims of fangirl audiences are shows such as Doctor Who, Sherlock and Supernatural but they will soon will draw their attention to Game of Thrones or The Walking Dead
Fangirls are what killed Doctor Who.
by So-Called Person July 19, 2013
People who treat their dogs like cute, amusing, four-legged children. They're descendants of the wolf for Christ's sake!
Dog Weirdo to small yippy dog: Did you do a smelly poo-poo for mommy? Why yes you did!
by So-Called Person June 25, 2014
This rule states that if someone has three or more affectations from the neck up (i.e. garish scarves, ostentatious earrings, extravagant nose rings, designer glasses, gaudy facial hair, etc.) is probably an attention-starved prick. It is strongly advised that attention-starved pricks guilty of violating this policy cease and desist at once.
Guy 1: Look at that guy and his ridiculous mustache, glasses, and scarf.

Guy 2: Yeah, he is definitely breaking the Three or More Affectations Rule.
by So-Called Person February 15, 2014
One who is an asshole beyond typical assholery. They are so bad their asshole is being sucked inward to their own asshole.
Ex 1:

Guy: Hey, is Andy cool?
Guy 2: Nah, man. Andy is one puckered asshole.

Ex 2:
Guy: God, my boss is such a puckered asshole. He's like a vortex of assholeage.
by So-Called Person November 21, 2013
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