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A term used to reduce human interactions to a quantifiable and expendable resource -- so as to facilitate indoctrination into economics and laissez faire/free trade ideology, which is the rot of the world.
1. Steve: "Gee, every time I try and get assistance from my telco, I can never sort out my phone woes"
Clare: "It only matters when social capital is bartered as a resource, it matters little what occurs then after."

2. Peter: "I've been seeing a Psychologist, and to me, he just didn't seem to care..."

Susan: "Why should he. It only matters when social capital is bartered as a resource, it matters little what occurs then after."

3. Craig: "Hey honey, we have a wonderful estate, local and foreign investments, and are miserable; the kids are spoiled, and not the much happier for that. We buy them smart phones and computer games, and what ever else they want, I feel like we're doing something wrong..."

Angela: "Craig, what you need to understand is that that kitsch humbug notion of love must be done away with so as to cultivate professional relationships with our progeny; it isn't fit for them to use any faculty of insight or contemplation lest they awaken any free thinking thoughts. You have always been social capital to me, even though you are my favorite cousin."
#captial social #economic euphemism #expendible human #fodder #punters
by Snuggle Pot September 11, 2012
A female OR male who is presented in advertisements wearing scant, yet sloven attire, with a Strat or Les Paul strapped around their neck so as to target a specific market demographic with propaganda, but who has no discernible musical talent whatsoever -- only because they're never actually seen or heard playing it.
That rock chick & metal dude on that billboard over there are so awesome!; bet they could out-shred Angus Young, Slash, and Frank Gambale if they were all to play their entire discographies, not respectively, but rather, collectively, in a single sitting, feeding every note into a giant audio mulcher.

You numbskull!, they're 'Guitarts', and are much like children were expected to be in the 1800's: seen, but never heard.
#proptitute #guitar model #guttart #cave dwelling guitar wizard #air guitart #guitartketing
by Snuggle Pot November 19, 2012
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