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4 definitions by SnugZ

stealing anal lube from a pharmacy and using it to plow an obese woman in the asshole
Matt pulled a fat allen with a drunk chick this weekend.
by SnugZ August 19, 2008
17 6
A person who has imaginary crevice and is led to believe they are cool because they have an abnormally large penis. They also prefer to have sexual relations with colored women.
John is known as "floppy 10"
by SnugZ August 19, 2008
4 2
The ability to ejaculate in under 10 seconds while masturbating and drawing blood.
"Last night, I pulled a Gore-A-Thon in my bathroom."
by SnugZ August 19, 2008
1 3
Stick a pop can in a womans vagina, open it, and then drink it while eating out her vagina.
Dan wants to give Autumn a "Mendo Xpress".
by SnugZ August 19, 2008
2 10