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Original cell phone - Get Smart's Maxwell Smart had a Shoe Phone. Hence shoe phone
Leaving the house now, call me on my shoe phone.
by snuffleupagus April 19, 2005
Modern Japan's answer to the pinup girl; also known as "idols" or "A/V idols". Race queens are media icons who may be involved in everything from cheesecake posters, to pop music, to bad acting, to softcore pornography, but the emphasis is on their image as sexual objects. Samantha Fox in the 80's is a rough American parallel, except in Japan there are hundreds of these girls, many of them are teenagers, and their image leans more toward the cutesy and submissive feminine ideal that is prevalent in Japanese culture. Graphic portrayals of adolescent nudity are commonplace in race queen media.

Chiasa Aonuma is an example.
by Snuffleupagus August 21, 2003
Original cell phone - Get Smart's Maxwell Smart had a Shoe Phone. Hence my shoe
Leaving the house now, you can get me on my shoe
by snuffleupagus April 19, 2005
A vera that actually exists!
Dube I thought his girlfriend was a "vera", turns out she was a "snuffleupagus".
by snuffleupagus April 19, 2005
well... hmm. i am called snuffleupagus by a few people just becuz one of my friends randomly decided that was my nickname. but originally snuffleupagus, snuffy for short, appears on sesame street as big bird's imaginary friend
Snuffleupagus and Bigbird walked to the store
by SNUFFLEUPAGUS October 29, 2003
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