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A shitty little GameFAQs-spinoff site with a userbase nearly entirely from GameFAQs. Despite these two facts, the entirety of the userbase goes completely batshit whenever GameFAQs is mentioned. Go figure.

Characterized by 5 groups of users:

The Druggies - they do durgs liek omigosh, pay attention to them for it!
The Weeaboos - how dare they like places that aren't America!
The Niggers and Foreigners - self-explanatory
The Atheists - note: they are all 12
The Women - they have vaginas

Each of these groups is at one point the designated site punching bag, cycling every couple of months or so.

A universal punching bag, however, is the site administrator Padgoi, who has completely rehauled the forum over 9000 times in a futile effort to attract more users so someday he can sell off the site for an extraordinary amount of tacos.

At the time of this writing he is in an exceptionally jewwy mood, warning people left and right for borderline posts just because he's a psycho control freak. Note that this is, in the long run, harmless, because no one stays banned from Woot for over 2 weeks anyway (take it from someone who just got off their 3rd ban and will likely earn their 4th just for this little UD entry).
tl;dr = Wootability is mostly annoying, but if you're the right kind of person for it you wouldn't choose any other forum over it.
by SnowyTechno October 22, 2008

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