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crazy japanese animation show. about a rubber limbed kid and his gang of awesome friends who go around trying to find a secret treasure by the name of, get this, One Piece. has a great theme song
Ninja 1: one piece sure makes all that other anime look really stupid and pretentious
Ninja 2: yeah, it almost makes me change my mind about pirates
by Snowman McKnives May 01, 2005
an outstandingly balanced and skilful real time strategy game. it is based on fast gameplay and the ability to mobilise forces quickly. it appears to have become the natioanl sport of much of South Korea, and twelve year old Korean kids seem to dominate any game they are in.
Ha, Ha white boy, i just destroyed you in Starcraft, Korea is the best!!!!!
by Snowman McKnives April 27, 2005
one of the greatest villains ever to light up the silver screen. he appears in Star Wars, Episode 3, and leads the attack that kicks the movie off. he is a four armed cyborg psycho with a keen tactical mind.
Holy Crap, it's General Grievous, he just sliced me into 4 while i exclaimed
by Snowman McKnives May 01, 2005
in the old days, pre 3d, a video game character so hard he could beat a tag team master chief, solid snake, jason bourne, and the entire delta squad from republic commando. a ninja with a cool ass sword and an infinite supply of shurikens, sometimes confused with ninja gaiden, who was his SNES equivalent.
Shinobi 3 was the greatest game ever.
by Snowman McKnives June 04, 2005
great star wars themed first person shooter for xbox and pc. despite being a star wars title, it defies their habit of making childish games and makes a game everty bit as thoughtful as halo: combat evolved. in it, you command a squad of clone commandos during the clone wars. they are an elite squad fo four, and you complete various missions behind enemy lines.
noob: i'm gonna go play Pariah
Haxor: noob, time for Republic commando
by Snowman McKnives June 04, 2005
the greatest star ship ever invented for any movie. it's flight over the camera at the very beginning of star wars episode 4 remains one of the greatest achievements in cinematic wonder ever. only eclipsed by the super star destroyer that first appeared in episode five.
Star Destroyers coming right at us.
by Snowman McKnives June 04, 2005
the best pistol in resident evil 4
wow, even my blacktail isn't hurting him (this quote would indicate a lack of any weakness on the part of the target rather than a lack of power on the part of the blacktail)
by Snowman McKnives May 01, 2005

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