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East London garage crew. Some buster further up said they're from Brixton, wich is in South West London. Rolldeep are from Bow, and they're one of the nangest crews out there now.
Roll deep actually means alot of stuff.
by Snowman October 14, 2003
prison slang for taking a shit
After eating Taco Bell, I gotta feed the warden
by snowman November 14, 2003
A person who frequently identifies objects solely by touch. They can be likened to a fly, which uses its legs to taste its food.

Someone who feels the need to pick up peoples possessions using unwashed hands and therefore compromises said possessions to leave them in a need for de compromisation. This is more commonly known as being Lickified.

I.E a smingy bastard

Lickyfly’s often regurgitate food onto their plate during eating, especially when in a close group of people. This is often disgusting but people are compelled to continue watching the Lickfly’s eating habit out of fascination.
I'm not sitting next to that lickyfly!
by Snowman December 10, 2004
An extension of the term Lickification. A pseudo-modern verb for describing the physical soiling of personal property using saliva, mucus, dribble, or any other aural/nasal excretory matter. Common methods are sneezing, coughing, using unwashed hands, and more advanced hand-to-mouth/nose-to-mouth techniques - see Lickyfly for more details.

Can also be used to describe the emotional damage and trauma experienced if an individual is unfortunate enough to witness a Lickifiction event. The phenomenon can lead to loss of appetite, frustration, paranoia, and other related obsessive-compulsive disorders.
Ewww I've been lickified
by Snowman December 10, 2004
n. One who is unreasonably dirty-looking often with grimy ungroomed hair or ragged filthy clothing.
"Hey! look at that fat chick with the dredlocks and the wife-beater! Holy shit, she really should shave those legs! Tell that mudpipe to crawl back into the sewers from which she came!"
by snowman February 19, 2005
a term for a homosexual!
you are such a ntsc-uk
by snowman July 25, 2003
Meaning relaxed/cool.

Derived from US military slang originally "stand easy", meaning to relax after standing to attention.
Yo, dude with the steez.
by snowman June 23, 2004
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