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Leader of fletchanism. God of the mountains. Not to be recond with. Master of the falling snow
I will bow to the almighty Fletch.
by Snow God November 30, 2006
Religion in which all obey the almighty Fletch. Believing that snowmakers are above all others. They are destined to take over anything and everything that stands in there way. The only religion in which the Devil himself is no match for.
My life has become more fullfilled after switching to Fletchanism
by Snow God November 30, 2006
People who make snow on ski trails. Defender of Mother Nature. Until she gets in there way. Able to control an entire mountain. Most believe in Fletchanism. They are Also known as Snow gods. For they themseleves play god to those who worship them!
THere would be no skiing if not for Snowmakers
by Snow God November 30, 2006
People who take care of injured skiers. Usually gay or like to have sex with little boys. 90% are Egotistical, Trustfund pretty boys. They are all afraid of snowmakers because the Snowmakers are superior to anything they do. Snowmakers also steal there glory and there woman. Usually there is one patroler that is more hated then any other usually named JOSH
I got hurt skiing and the ski patrol helped then had sex with my 12 year old son.
by Snow God December 23, 2006
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