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The act of going down on a girl with a jolly rancher in your mouth, then inconspicuously spitting the candy into the vagina to be lost forever.
Girl: My basement smells like watermelon!
Other Girl: It must be the Fruit of the loom!
by SnortyG November 03, 2009
Used as a noun, verb, pro-noun,adj. anything really.
Used in replacement of words when you cant think of the correct word or wish to keep the object un-named.
What the smackledorf?
Suck my smackledorf.
What a smackledorfing idiot.
The smackledorfing smackledorf, fucking smackledorfed all over her smackledorfs. ...Damn.
by SnortyG November 04, 2009
When receiving head and about to finish, you slam your girlfriends head down on your dick as far as physically possible while yelling WHAMMY!
Girl: My throat hurts.
Friend: Are you sick?
Girl: No, my boyfriend gave me a Whammy last night.
by SnortyG November 03, 2009
A unit of measurement when the actual amount is not known. Usually used with smaller measurements.
Put in a scootchy of baking soda.
Could you move over just a scootchy?
by SnortyG November 04, 2009

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