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polite English usage for "fuck off".
In the presence of a teacher:
Schoolboy John: Go dip your head in a bucket of shit!
Tom: Why don't you go forth and copulate!
#fuck off #fuck #swear #piss off #copulate #forth
by Snooty Man August 17, 2011
A lie.
The honourable member for Longbottom, Athur Prendeghast MP to the honourable member for Notton-on-the-Would, Earnest Snorsboard MP on being told that England had won the World Cup and not in tiddly-winks, "I do not believe you, that is a terminalogical inexactitude." thus complying with the requirement of the Mother of Parliment, that one MP cannot call another MP a liar.
#liar #terminalogical inexactitude #fib #lie #untruth #untrue
by Snooty Man August 17, 2011
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