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Its an angry mustachio'd man. Don't f with him, he bites. Hard, like a shark.
Steven - Dude, whats good?

Gabe - >;^{0

Steven - Oh no! I'm outta here
by SnoopNubbyNub January 25, 2010
When a person who posses large sideburns (Like Wolverine from X-Men) can use their sideburns like a pillow and sleep anywhere.
Phillip: " We're gonna be late! Where's Jimmy?"

Mike: "He's taking a sideburn nap on that bench over there"

Phillip "WTF!"
by SnoopNubbyNub February 17, 2010
The act of destroying everything in your path & that you can get your hands on, whilst being drunk or any bit of un-sober
Billy: Dude, have you seen the banner?

Zac: Yeah, man. It looks pretty torn up

Monica: Sarah got a little bit of wastyface yeterday and drunkstroyed it. Along with my hopes and dreams.

Sarah: *ZZZZZ*
by SnoopNubbyNub February 16, 2010
pronounced like (Nubby-Z) not (Nubbies). He's super rad. Like the raddest muddafug on the planet. Possibly the universe. He's also attempting to set the record for most words invented via Urban Dictionary. His tag is SnoopNubbyNub. Watch this list grow.
"Dude! Billy's at it again!"

"I know, man. I'm excited to see whats next"

"As you should be! NubbyZ for life!"
by SnoopNubbyNub February 17, 2010
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