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A mental disorder which skews a persons perception of their place, importance, or belonging within a group of their friends or colleagues. Usually this is a result of overexposure, constant suggestions of terrible ideas or advice, and general dislike of the individual.

Signs of this include speaking to groups of people who are not paying attention, not getting invited to social gatherings or events, and constant feelings of uselessness.
Ex. 1:
Todd- Hey what's the deal with Mark? He never seems to shut up anymore.

Dwayne- Oh yeah, he's just suffering from irreleventia, he just hasn't realized it yet.

Ex. 2:
Tammy- I don't get it Sue, why won't Brian call me back?

Vicky- Well Tammy, word on the street is after you put out, he diagnosed you with irreleventia.

Tammy- What's that?

Vicky- Beats me, but it looks like you're not going out tonight.
by SnooksOnFire April 01, 2009
A sexual preference pretaining to androgenous looking individuals with long (possibly curley) hair, skin tight pants and shirts, an obsession with black or dull colored clothing, and who are excessivly sad or mopey.
Guy 1: Dude, look at all those emosexuals waiting on line to buy Twilight, what a bunch of tools.

Guy 2: I know, they should have just reserved their copy a month ago like I did.

Guy 1: What?!
by SnooksOnFire March 20, 2009
An external force or forces (eg. person, event, place, thing, etc.) that contribute(s) to making a decision either one way or the other.
Tom: I'm not sure if I'm going to Derek's party tonight.

Dave: Tracey will be there. I heard through the grape vine that she gets down with one dude and another girl on the first Saturday of every month. Guess what tonight is!

Tom: Well there's my swing factor.
by SnooksOnFire February 11, 2010

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