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A shower that only includes the washing of the mouth, hands, and genital region. Usually taken or given after a frowned upon sexual event the night before when there is no time for an actual bath.
I woke up next to the beast, ran home and took a pimp bath.
by Snookiezinc September 20, 2009
A situation in which would be more pleasing, if you didn't see someone's face.

The woman before this gave a Gloryholesque performance.
by SnookiezInc April 30, 2009
During the act of male urination, when one wears more than one pair of pants (jeans, pajama's, and briefs). The swimming motion the persons hand makes going via their zippers/fly's to find their penis.
Person 1: "Are you playing with yourself?"

Person 2:"NO! I'm dick fishing."
by SnookiezInc June 21, 2009
A group of ugly individuals. Usually walking.
Jesus! I thought New York was gonna be chock fulla cuties, but I was nearly trampled by a herd-of-ugs.
by SnookiezInc May 09, 2009
Someone who get's in real close, in conversation, or affiliation with, (usually at a party) that asks you for a sip, and takes over your beer as theirs.
"Hey can I get a sip of your beer?"
"I guess so"
"Dude where'd my beer go?"
"Beer Vampire..."
by SnookiezInc April 12, 2009
verb.Rejection; To be declined. Pronunciation node
Person#1: Hey wanna sit next to me?
Person#2: I'm ok thanks
Person#3: OH! You got no'd!
by SnookiezInc May 24, 2009
The act in which both a male and female are having sexual intercourse in the bathtub until right before the male is about to ejaculate, he takes his partners head and submerges it under the water until he is finished.
Male 1: "What did you do tonight?"
Males 2: "I inceptioned my girl"
Male 1: "Dreamy"
by SnookiezInc January 29, 2012

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