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Children who show up everyday to the pool and annoy the sh*t out of the lifeguards. These kids are dropped off everyday by their parents, even if the weather is 55 degrees, raging wind, and thundering! Even with this kind of weather, the kids still stay and swim ALL DAY, and complain to the lifeguards how cold it is....

This keeps the lifeguards from being able to close....

The parents of pool rats think that lifeguards are only their to serve their needs as free babysitters. If the pool is closed due to horrible weather, these parents will often call the lifeguards and ask for a "good reason" for not being open, even when it's hailing golfball-sized ice balls. These parents are the lifeguards'/pool managers' worst nightmare....
Stephanie is at the pool everyday, even when there are tornado warnings in the area. What a freakin' pool rat1
by SnookerChamp June 15, 2009

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