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Verb: The act of fellatio, or oral sex. Sometimes reffered to as "special attention" See also bezzel, brain, and cranium.
I got sooooo much behol last night I could hardly stand.
by Sno Bro November 02, 2003
<noun> A large, voluptuous, curvatious, bouncy set of twins. See also breasts.
"Those French nurses have Dopplegangers!" - To my favorite Les-Bians
by Sno Bro November 19, 2003
<i>noun</i> 1. The vaginal region of a female's body 2. The act of recieving sexual favors
1. Don't touch that nasty punanna!
2. I'm gonna get some punanna tonite!
by Sno Bro November 16, 2003
<Noun> A rank punanna. Due to lack of bathing, its stench resembles that of dead fish.
"I AINT eatin' that Filet O'fish." -SDK
by Sno Bro November 19, 2003

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