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2 definitions by Sniper078

The cruelest and meanest person in halo PC he is a terrible palyer but an opressor and stands int he way of what we americans see as just and fair (just like the economy and enron). but do not fear haloians, sniper078 (bringer of happyness and fluffy bunny's(but also a killer of evil)) will free you from the opression from nemitor
Sniper078 is here to save us from the opression of the feared Nemitor
by Sniper078 February 24, 2005
The best Halo marksman that there is, if you see his name, you will die in the next 5 seconds (in halo pc, dont cry)
Sniper078 will come to the aid of all wo are loosing and stand up to the opression of the opposers, this is our finest hour!!!
by Sniper078 February 24, 2005