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To write something down.
"I know im gonna forget her address"
"Just Turf it down so you don't"
by Sniggdog November 27, 2007
When someone is really bad or uncoordinated at doing something. Also if someone is experiencing misfortune.
If someone is unable to go to a really good event that they really want to go to they are said to be Scrappling.

"Man, I can't go to the party on saturday night"
"You're Scrappling"
by Sniggdog November 27, 2007
To be angry, upset, frustrated, pissed off at anything, whether that be someone or something etc.
"I dropped my phone yesterday man and it broke"
"You would be peaking"

"His girlfriend dumped him just yesterday, he is peaking hard!!"
by Sniggdog November 27, 2007
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