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A city in South-Central Washington State. Like almost any city it has crime and it has some gang violence, keyword SOME...the whole town is not one slum like the other definition seems to describe in fact most of it is quite beautiful.

The only nicknames I've heard of Yakima would have to be "Yakima" and "The palm springs of Washington", never anything other than that but I would know if my own town had a new nickname
Also Yakima has a pretty damn good selection of radio stations if I do say myself, and no I've actually only heard maybe two or three hispanic stations.
And I've never seen an 'oldsmobile' or really any cars shittier than that in Yakima.
Friend: "What should we do this weekend"
Me: "Maybe travel to Yakima, get some sun, go swimming and hang out with the friendly people down their"
by Sniff Jazz April 12, 2011

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