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Nanako! She's an amazing, busty, pretty, kawaii nurse that's sometimes a bit ditzy! But that's okay - I still love her!! ^_^_^_^_^_^_^
Nanako, you're the best nurse ever! ^_^
by Snebulizer/Nih +grr June 24, 2004
Crappy wrestler who thinks he looks cool by literally pouring a can of paint over his head.
Jeff Hardy: Come on, just one more for the road!

MAB Paints employee: Sorry, sir, but I think you've had enough.
by Snebulizer/Nih +grr December 07, 2003
Sowwy for not postin' in a while! ^_^;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

Anyway, Kikyo's my latest hug-obsession! She's cute, busty, and she's naked a lot, so you don't have to wonder what her boobies look like! I like nudity, and Kikyo delivers! ~_^
"Who was that naked girl on Inuyasha last night?! 0_0"

"That was kawaii Kikyo! ^_^"
by Snebulizer/Nih +grr November 20, 2004
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