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A weapon Australian guard who would throw himself off a cliff to save a basketball, the son of Chuck Norris, has hospitalised 3 NBA stars and has several stalking charges against Steph Curry.
You better be hustling like delly!
by Sneaky pete June 12, 2015
libertines, brit band.
your such a fuckin waster, ya 2 bob cunt.
by sneaky pete November 01, 2003
The girth that lies below
I was out on a date and smacked the bitch with the LD and then money shot on her chest.
by Sneaky Pete February 15, 2004
From the ebonics word "booyar" literally meaning "Yes my negro friend, what excellent circumstance!" and the pirate word "yar" literally meaning "YAR!" we have come upon booyar, which means, everything is awesomely awesome.
Jamal: "So I capped his ass, and I broke out.
Slippery Pete: "BOOYAR!"
by Sneaky Pete February 26, 2004
A girl that derives great pleasure from being ass-fucked so hard that it causes severe rectal damage, trauma and possibily instant death.

bookaho is a combination of booka and ho
Don't f*ck that bookaho, your c*ck will rot off.

That bookaho was a great ride
by Sneaky Pete April 19, 2004
In the act of doing it doggy-style, the person on all fours looks back over the shoulder to see the other party, causing an effect similar to the look your guppy would give you from the comfort of their bowl.
by sneaky pete May 14, 2003
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