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When you get completely jewed, or screwed out of something that was basically yours.
Baron: Shotgun that last piece of pizza
*Mom walks in and takes the last piece of pizza*
Baron: FUCK i just got Factioned
by Sneakers O'Tool May 23, 2010
Another word for a Faggot, toolbag, or just a complete dick.
Rover:Hey Ronnie, look at Robert over there hes such a Japal.
Ronnie: Yeah dude such a Japal.
by Sneakers O'Tool May 23, 2010
A name you would call someone of a piracy background, normally a smelly person, and/or used at someone that talks a good talk but aint got shit on the court.
Jazmin: Look at Jamal, hes such a Yasser, his family came over here on a pirate ship.
Wade: True dat babe.
by Sneakers O'Tool May 23, 2010

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