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3 definitions by Sneaker

When in a conversation, the conversing individuals attempt to say "ya know" more times than the others. Similar to a dance-off.
Whoa, Dee just served him in that ya know battle, I think he said ya know 18 times in one minute.
by Sneaker January 16, 2013
the best 0S ever
1. its free
2. its powerful
3. its not mac OS X
Man linux is just the best

tux the penguin owns your a$$
by sneaker December 04, 2003
elite, usually referred to a hacker/coder with exceptional skills.
also known as a "wizard"
Also can be used to mean awesome

also known as 3133t
man that guy is 133t

that new redhat version is 133t
by sneaker December 04, 2003