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Literally: A guy/girl who has an anus for a face and shits out of it.

Actual: A fugly guy/girl who you would never ever insert your penis into/have a pnis inserted by.
"FUCKING HELL! What an Anus Face!"
by Snave Nareik July 25, 2008
A breif, violent fart.

"I say Jeeves! What was that odd, abrupt sound followed by that queer smell?"
"Teribly sorry, Sir, I just had an Anal Sneeze!"
by Snave Nareik June 16, 2008
Used to describe a very ugly person.

Worse than fugly.
"Man, did you see that shit?"

"yeah dude, she was rumple fugs!"
by Snave Nareik August 12, 2009
1. Shit fashion.
2. A guy/gal who slices themself for unknown reasons.
3. A pussy version of a Goth.
1. "What the hell is that guy wearing?"
"Oh, its because he is an Emo."

2. "Dude, who cut you?"
"I did."

3. "That guy is like almost a goth, but not quite.."
"Oh, he is an Emo."
by Snave Nareik July 10, 2008

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