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4 definitions by Snausage

A condition in which one is prone to unleash calculated verbal attacks on unsuspecting persons within ones vicinity.
Shit man, you had better watch out. He's totally J-strappin'.
by Snausage April 01, 2005
One characterized by wrinkled clothing, matted hair, and unpleasant odor.
Ugh, what a scurf! How could someone go out into public like that?!
by Snausage April 02, 2005
A condition in which one is possessive of an upscale sense of humor. Often a Lunchmeat will totally baffle the opposing party instead of making them laugh.
I would totally laugh if I had any idea what you just said. You're a total lunchmeat.
by Snausage April 02, 2005
The condition of one "having a stick up one's ass."
You're being such a duffee. Just chill out.
by Snausage April 04, 2005