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Sure, it's British and Scottish and MAYBE even Irish, but in Canada we call it secondary school too. It comes after Elementary School and Middle School, and in more eastern provinces, Junior Secondary.

Usually grades 9-12, or 8-12, 7-12, etc. sometimes too.

The equivalent of high school in the USA, secondary school is under-funded and under-staffed. Buying lunch is optional, and most people are forced to eat outside in all weather conditions because the cafeteria has around 10 tables. It's all catered but is very expensive to buy and not healthy at all. No uniforms or dress code unless people start dressing really risqué, and even then, there's probably no funding to make the uniforms so everyone just wears what they want. The teachers are nice on their good days and terrible on every other day but constantly hint at their small pay-cheques. Our electronics constantly get stolen and we have to get the RCMP in there nearly every day to arrest somebody. No homework because the teachers are too underfunded to get toner for the copier, and you usually end up sharing four to a textbook. It's terrible, really. The only thing we do is watch YouTube videos on the projectors.
Two students are eating lunch outside in -10 celsius conditions.

Student 1: "Today we had to do a science experiment with a voltmeter but the thing didn't work so we had to sit and watch it done on YouTube."

Student 2: "What do you want, that's secondary school for ya."
by SnapshotOfASoul December 22, 2010
The most neglected school in Langley, British Columbia, Canada. Known for its great arts program and crappy student atmosphere, this school is for the brave and brave only. It has no money to spend and is what the other poorhouse school up the hill, Brookswood Secondary, calls "ghetto". No cliques, just gangs and a whole lot of smokers, druggies and gangs. It seems fine on the surface but really that place should have been closed down half a century ago. No homework, poor maintenance and no funding it what sums up a day at LSS.
Friend: Hey, man, where d'ya go to school?
LSS Student: Langley Secondary School.
Friend: Aw, man, you're not serious. That place is so ghetto.
by SnapshotOfASoul December 22, 2010
Somebody who uses a combination of drugs, mainly crack cocaine, usually drives a beat-up late-90's Mazda hatchback and lives in a crappy, drug-riddled neighbourhood.

Common attributes include long, unkempt hair, crinkly, aged skin, use of the word "y'know" at the end of a sentence, rough sandpaper voice and throaty laugh from too much tobacco use, Zellers clearance clothing, three or more children, an untidy apartment and welfare cheques in the mail.

Usually will do anything to score money for drugs.

Commonly found living in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada.
Jake: (driving with Jack when suddenly the car breaks down)

Jack: Shit, man, we gotta get help.
Jake: No, we can't leave the car here, a cracker might steal our ride and sell it to a scrap dealer for drug money.
by SnapshotOfASoul January 17, 2012
(Twosome, threesome, foursome, etc.) When two or more friends share an energy/sports drink so they all get hyper at the same time. Usually used during small gatherings to jazz up the mood if your parents are home as an alternative to alcohol, or as a lead-up to it. Powerade can be swapped out with whatever drink you have to share.
Person 1: Hey, just got a Monster, wanna split it?

Person 2: No, let's grab Person 3 and do a Powerade Threesome.

Person 1: What's that?

Person 2: It's where you share an energy drink. Just watch. We'll all get hyper at the same time.

*Five Minutes Later*

Person 1: *is hyper*
by SnapshotOfASoul May 19, 2010

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