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Snappa is a drinking game involving a table, four pint glasses, a die, and four players. The game of Snappa goes beyond your typical 'Beirut' or 'Beer Pong' game by including both offensive and defensive elements that call for accurate throws and quick one-handed catches.

Playing offense in Snappa requires you to throw underhand, seated in your chair, at either of your opponents' glasses. Defense has you seated in your chair, until the die has left your opponents hand and is in the air. You can then catch the die after it bounces off the table or deflects off the glass. This means that you and your partner must communicate and continue to perform well as the drinks keep flowing. Teammates must work together to throw 'in-turn' on offense and not allow the die to hit the floor on defense.

Games go to seven, with a point awarded to the throwing team for any dropped die, or for any cups. Cupping a team will result in the cupped team having to finish their drink, then spit the die onto the Snappa table. If the die lands with a five showing, the cupped team must then re-fill their drinks and kill those drinks as well.

Generally, the successful Snappa player will be multi-talented, possessing four key skills:

(First) Catching
(Second) Throwing
(Third) Drinking
(Fourth) Talking Trash
Tom passed out at 9pm last night after playing Snappa.

You have to have Snappa hands to play with the big boys!

That Tyson guy can play, but he lacks the fourth skill.
by Snappa Head June 03, 2009

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