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A nearly male version of Miley Cyrus. Canadian. Wanna-be gangster who acts like Usher is his best friend. Fans of his are usually 7 year old Disney fan-girls.
"Justin Beiber is a disgrace to Canada"
by Snape loves you January 25, 2010
Sparkley sugar daddy (Old men who like to spoil their young girlfriends) that is a peeping tom and has an un-natural obsession with a rather clingy girl.
"Screw Edward Cullen, I support Cedric Diggory"
"Edward Cullen is a great example of dirty old men you usually meet over the internet"
by Snape loves you January 25, 2010
The sound the Big Bad wolf made when he tried to blow down the 3 little pig's houses.
"I'll HUFF and I'll PUFF and I'll BLOW THIS PLACE DOWN!"
by Snape loves you January 25, 2010
The way dumbasses spell "Dumbledore"
N00b: "snape, snape, severus snape, DUMBLEDOOR11!!1!"
Me: "It's DumbleDORE, dumbass,"
by Snape loves you January 27, 2010
A blog that talks about 1000 little awesome things in life such as: Bakery air, snow days, showering in other people's showers, broccoli flower, etc. Today (4/11/10) there are 530 posts on 1000awesomethings.com, Each post usually ends with: AWESOME!
Today I went on 1000 awesome things and read about how awesome ducks are.
by Snape loves you April 11, 2010
A book filled with definitions of words.

I'm surprised no-one has defined it yet. o.o
Today I looked in the dictionary and found out that quean means prostitute
by snape loves you April 10, 2010
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