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-Non-traditional Slytherins- The ones that just take Salazar's traditions and traits that we are associated with our house and throw it out the window and make way for some new Slytherin that they made up...the ones that think these traits and traditions are bad and wants us to follow the "good" traits that they deem appropriate for us.

- Non-traditional Slytherins are those who were hoping to be in another house, disappointed to be sorted into Slytherin because they either a) buy into all that stereotype about how we're only all evil or b) have thought of themselves as another house for years. But they're stuck here even though they want to be elsewhere, so they decide to be the "good" Slyths, the ones who display all these "brave, smart" etc qualities of other houses, proving to themselves that they are different from other snakes and are better, maybe alleviating their own bad feeling about ending up here. They think they're showing that they're a Slyth without really being a Slyth, as if that's a good thing.
"Hey I'm a slyth, but don't judge me or think bad of me, I'm not evil and dark, I am NON-TRADITIONAL SLYTHERIN!"
by SnakeHouse12 March 09, 2012

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