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When you go into McDonalds for the sole purpose of using the bathroom.

Please note: If challenged by the spotty staff member, then your declaration that you will buy food afterwards is a McShit with Lies
I'm going for a McShit
by Snake July 09, 2004
Scumbag usually seen on the streets of Cork, Dublin or Limerick. General attire is tracksuit pants, Nike baseball cap, hoody and Celtic jersey for male scobes and pink sweat pants, hoody and huge hoop ear rings for female scobes. All wear too much bling jewellery (Sovvies on each finger, gold chains and bracelets), almost all of which is either stolen or electroplated copper. Also under the delusion that Dutch Gold qualifies as decent beer.

Generally drive Fiat Puntos, Honda Civics or Toyota Starlets with body kits and stripped out mufflers with the delusion that these make the car go faster. Also play their hip hop too loud for anybody with half a brain to put up with. The boy racer is a well-known sub-division of the scobe.

They are hated by all respectable people, but the most deep-rooted rivalries are with grungers.

See also Chav
Some scobe asked me for the cheapest bottle of wine so I smashed his knees in with the mop.
#scumbag #chav #knacker #skanger #boy racer
by Snake December 24, 2005
Best brand of crisps ever. Synonymous with crisps in Ireland. The inventors of Cheese and Onion in 1954, has been ripped off by every English crisp company, but never equalled. Excellent for a hangover when combined with a bottle of Lucozade.
Give us a bag of Taytos, bud.
by Snake May 09, 2005
A guilty pleasure. Despite a lack of any talent, she'd still be worth a ride. See also Jailbait
Hillary Duff, giggedy giggedy gigg-e-dy.
#jailbait #daytime tv #16 will get you 20 #blonde #bimbo
by Snake March 18, 2006
To be hacked to pieces by a maniac in speedos carrying a chainsaw. From Teen Girl Squad
What's Her Face and The Ugly One got Maniac-in-a-speedo'd at camp. (Pedantic bastards)
#teen girl squad #arrowed #msg'd #sailing mishap #cerebellum'd
by Snake July 19, 2006
1) A large gun used to blow things up.

2) A rather potent cocktail-shot consisting of Sambuca and Rum.
1) Shit! They're shooting at us with Howitzers!

2) I'm going to the bar for a Howitzer.
by Snake July 18, 2004
Used in a situation that isn't bad enough to warrant using the word fuck, but causes more frustration than is required for using bollocks
Oh, bollollocks, I just dropped this insanely heavy box on my foot
by Snake July 09, 2004
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