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adj. Ignorant of or with regard to the Atlanta rapper Gucci Mane. This lack of may be with respect to the history, life, trap prowess, musical significance, lyrics or meaning thereof (see: birds, lemonade), tasteful jewelry collection, or discography of Radric Davis. The term is properly applied to any individual professing to be an expert on the Gooch, but who possesses only superficial knowledge in one or more areas of Guccology.

syn.: white
Bitch, stop repeating "Is you rollin'...Is you rollin" and "Call me Gucci Gucci," because besides those lines being completely fucking obnoxious when iterated by drunk white chicks, it's very obvious that those are the only Gucci Mane lyrics you know. In other words, you're a Guccignorant whore. Forget your drink. I'm going to pour it on you if you don't leave the party immediately.
by Snacob February 18, 2012

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