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A country with a rich culture and heritage, plus lots of drinking. Stereotyped by the world as being farmers and leprechauns (That accent that Richard Gere uses in the Jackal actually does not exist)

Oppressed for centuries and today divided, we are now ruled by corrupt politicians who are more interested in the contents of their next brown envelope than the welfare of the country.
Yes, despite all that, I'm proud to be Irish.
by Snake January 15, 2005
Word of Cork origin. Has several meanings, depending on context.

1) Penis
2) Foolish person
3) To be intoxicated
1) I've got a huge langer, boy.
2) You're some langer, boy.
3) He was langers, boy.
by Snake November 24, 2005
A man whose idea of freeing people is to blow them up. Since coming to power he has managed to invade 2 countries for pure profit. Before September 11th, spent 46% of his time on holiday. America would be better off with a monkey in charge.
Today President Bush said he was going to devaluate the Yen, causing a stock market panic. Apparently he meant deflate.
by Snake May 09, 2005
A drink that caught my curiosity at work, so I tried it. Tasted alright until I swallowed it. After screaming "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh! The horror!" and downing six Capri Suns to wash away the disgusting aftertaste I vowed never to touch the stuff again.
Dr. Pepper. What's the worst that can happen?
You can end up tasting it. (Shudder)
by Snake March 15, 2005
Genius sci-fi sitcom where humanity is (almost) extinct. Spawned the word Smeg as well as various classic gags. Brilliantly written, as there are no cliches in the script whatsoever (example: Instead of using "Dead as the DoDo" a phrase like "We're deader than A-line flares with pockets in the knees." is used)

Has had 8 excellent seasons with the first 6 available on DVD (and the next two coming in Novemeber and February)

Talk of a movie in the pipeline, but no sign as yet.
How many other shows have you seen with Death getting a knee to the balls?
by Snake March 09, 2005
From the tv show Red Dwarf, it is a commonly used insult, derived from Smegma.

1) Smeg: Exclamation of surprise not unlike fuck.

2) Smegger: Obnoxious person

3) Smeg head: As 2
1) Oh Smeg! What the smeggin' smeg's he smeggin' done?!

2) I'll nut the smegger into oblivion

3) I'm not an insubordinate man by nature. I try and respect Rimmer and all, but it's so hard because he's such a smeg head.
by Snake July 09, 2004
Phrase coined by Glen Quagmire from Family Guy. Used whenever you see a hot girl.
"Hey there, sweet thing. How old are you?"
"Eighteen? You're a first."
"I like where this is going. Giggedy giggedy gigg-e-dy."
by Snake March 09, 2005

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