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The relationship/ship name between two members of a British boy band formed on the British show, The X Factor, in 2010 called One Direction. This relationship is between Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson whom are more than obvious about their relationship but are trying to be reserved for the public eye because Modest! Management are cockblockers and need one up the ass. Therefore, they put Louis in a false relationdhip with "UNI student, "Eleanor Calder"" If that is even her real name, we may never know. But with our reputation, we're bound to find out sooner or later.

I don't even ship Larry anymore, it's a fucking luxury cruise ship now.
"And I'd marry you Harry"

"Kiss me you fool"

"Larry Stylinson"

"Fuck management"

"It kind if just happened"

My favorite:

Fan(to Harry): "Are you and Louis dating?"
Harry *nods his head*: "Yeah."
by Smutlinson February 21, 2013

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