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3 definitions by Smurlman G

An uncommenly know law enforcement phrase to describe a perpetrator. Commonly used to protect identity.
"Man last night I was involved in a car chase and arrested Shitty McStinky along with his two friends Capt. Hatsonsideways and Mr. Baggypants.
by Smurlman G August 10, 2007
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A term used when you hit one of your best friends in the nuts.
When sitting on the couch playing video games and I happen to lose said game I turn to my friend and hit him in the nuts.
Afterwards exclaiming " Yahtzee"
by Smurlman G August 10, 2007
8 10
Another slang word for marijuana.
When crusing backroads and your stoner buddy busts out some weed in which he recently put through the washer and attempts to lightit up in your car creating a wonderful smell of tide in your vehicle, one should yell out,
"Who is smokin the soap?"
by Smurlman G August 10, 2007
3 18