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Royal Marine (British Special Forces). Known to each other as "Royal" but the rest of the British Forces know them as bootnecks. This nickname is derived from them cutting the top from a leather boot and wearing it like a modern neckbrace to stop sailors cutting their throat while they guarded officers on board British sailing ships in the days of old.
"Don't anoy those Bootnecks over there unless you want to wake up with a crowd round you!"
by Smudge Smith April 13, 2006
Short for the Parachute Regiment of the brittish army. A regiment that thinks with its fists first and its head second. Now obsolete due to it never again performing an operationol jump. They try in vain to perform like Royal Marines.
God, I've got a head-ache that would kill a Para!!
by Smudge Smith March 04, 2008
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