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1. Alcoholic beverage (usually a beer) that is consumed while driving a vehicle.

2. Alcoholic beverage contained inside a soft-drink cup to look like a drink from a fast-food restaurant instead of booze.
Matt brought a few road pops for everyone on the way to the club.
by Smu Johnson November 01, 2007
A low-paying, low-responsibility job that you hate and dread waking up in the morning to do. Usually grunt work that requires brawn instead of brain and usually puts you working in the company of crack heads and other lowlifes struggling to make enough money to feed their malnourished children and purchase more drugs.
I got another clunk0r job digging holes and cleaning out sewage pipes through my temp agency again.

Dave's clunk0r job of the day is licking stamps and envelopes. He's 50 and has to feed four children too.

Jim had to do more toilet paper sample tests on bums' assholes in alleys around town.
by Smu Johnson January 05, 2008
A hot dog made with a slice of bread instead of a hot dog bun.
Craig made some ghetto dogs for lunch.
by smu johnson April 09, 2008
Dodge fleet van where the angle of the windshield is close to that of the hood making the front of the van appear to be have a snubbed nose. Dodge vans of the early 90's exhibit this feature.
Jesse took the snubby van up the mountain. Mike is driving Snubby right now.
by Smu Johnson October 26, 2007
The driving technique of following closely behind a car as it turns left on a yellow traffic light to avoid waiting for the next light change.

The light usually turns red halfway through the left turn.
John and Mike are waiting in line to turn left onto the highway on a green light.

John: I'm not waiting for another light change... c'mon...

(Light changes yellow and John and Mike follow the cars in front of them turning left. The light changes red halfway through turning...)

Mike (in awe): .... the sneak...!
by Smu Johnson February 20, 2008

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