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I live in a town called floral park, where apparntly the drinking age here is 12 and drugs are legal. The Floral Park cops have nothing better to do on their time ..so they like to kick you out of parks when its after "dusk". If a cat is stuck in a tree... we might need 6 or 7 cops for that.. and here in the daring town we need under cover cops and Suv's .. you know cause were that bad in this small town. "BEER" yeah thats hidden in bushes and saved for the next weekend. Wendys and Village Pizzeria is were all the drunkies hanogut to get munchie food.. and for sure on a Saturday or Friday night.. 80% of Floral Park is most defantely DRUNNNKKKK..... FLORAL PARK = ALCHOLICS.. tell me why there are more hen 5 bars in the matter of like 2 blocks....Floral PArk was meant for YOUNG DRUGGIES AND ALCHI'S :).................... AND ANYONE WHO LIVES IN FLORAL PARK... ALL KNOW WHEN ELSE FAILS.. WHEN BEER ISNT ACCESSABLE SHOULDERTAP.. WEEKENDS ARE NO LONGER FUFILLED WITH OUT DRINKING

ps: whoever wrote that comment aboce should go fuck themselves your just jelous because your sober on the weekends and have nothing better to do.

Floral Park : known for the most amount of bars in maybe a squared mile, underaged drinking, and everything else thats illegal.
by Smosh October 10, 2006
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