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11 definitions by Smoove B

A slightly more inslulting substitute for How ya like me now. Should be pronouned with a slight pause between that and sucka with primary accent on that, secondary accent on suck.
How ya like that sucka!
by Smoove B February 17, 2005
18 6
Outdated, obsolete, overused. Often refers to an idiom or colloquialism.

See played out, beat.
The expression all that is played.

Jerry: Helloooooooo!
Kramer: Jerry, that's played.
by Smoove B February 17, 2005
126 129
Your's Truly. The coolest macinist motherfucker on the face of the planet.
What up B?

That's Smoove B to you motherfucker!
by Smoove B March 10, 2005
3 13
1. a white dude with a huge dick.
Holy shit smoove, I didn't realize you were packin' a white chocolate Toblerone!
by Smoove B March 15, 2005
21 41