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leik lol screamo is hawthorne higehts and finch and taking abck sunday and atreyu- NO YOU ARE FUCKING WRONG. Wow, I looked at the first 10 definitions and saw Circle Takes the Square,hot cross, and some other good screamo bands. and I was like, wow, people on urban dictionary actually know what there talking about, and are probably all in their mid-20's. AND THEN SOME 14 YEAR OLD ASSHOLE CAME AND FUCKING SCREWED IT ALL UP! YOU HAVE NO FUCKING IDEA WHAT REAL SCREAMO IS, IF YOU EVER BELIEVED MTV FOR EVEN A SECOND.

bullet for my valentine is screamo? wow. you are a fucking stupid ass douchebag. Shut the fuck up. If you cant say something nice about screamo, then go eat a fatass tub of beans until you fucking die, asswipe.
Circle takes the Square, Hot Cross, Orchid, Envy = Screamo

thrice,the used,under0ATH,(new) = SHITTY ASS POP PUNK(not fucking screamo)

underoath(old), job for a cowboy, suicide silence = the best deathcore bands ever to grace the earth(just thought i'd give alittle extra credit to you 15 year old poontangs out there)
by Smoothie King August 06, 2006

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