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3 definitions by SmokyTheBear

1. What happens when you're jumping on the trampoline and fall. This is very similar to rug burn, just you burn yourself on the trampoline.

2. Syphillis.
"Ouch, I have tramp burn!"

"Me too.. Its called syphillis."
by SmokyTheBear July 10, 2008
A frozen block of semen that can questionably be used to impregnate a woman.
"So, you're asking if a chick got freaky with a frozen block of semen, would she get prego?"
by SmokyTheBear July 10, 2008
A more common, fond name for the renown rapper, Mo Legit, who's hit song "Shorty Got Pregnant" won the hearts of every person who has heard it.
Fan: "Hey look, its Big Juicy"

Big Juicy/Mo Legit: "Thats Mo Legit to you."
by SmokyTheBear June 28, 2008