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Messing around in a stupid fashion in the West of Ireland can be called cunt acting. Wasting ones time on a job that's too hard for to them like fitting a window without having a concept of what the job entails. Or messing around when there's a serious job to be done. Finally when your Gaelic football coach is unhappy with the teams performance and screams from the sidelines in anger and despair for the team to stp the cunt acting
Example1 John: Where's Tommy?
Sean: Trying to fix car.
John: He hasn't a fucking clue what he's at he's only cunt acting

Example2 Person 1:Give me a hand with this will you?
Person 2: We'll be there in a minute we're trying to sell fireworks to these kids.
Person 1: Aww Lads!! Stop the fuck acting will you?! We have to be finished here by 12

Example 3 Coach:Jesus lads we're 14 points down stop the fuck acting for shite's sake
by Smoky D November 15, 2006
People from the England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Although the tag is not appreciated by many in Scotland and Northern Ireland. The stereotype British is either very lower class has a sunburned bald head, wears an England jersey, could get in a fist fight with his mother and spouts endless tuneless dirges about 'Engerland'. The alternative is being so posh they can't close their mouths. In reality not near as bad as the stereotypes in general but much of their football supporters should be put down like dogs. A great many of the worlds best inventions came from here and grudgingly I admit it would be markedly different without them. Now much less important in the grand scheme of things than a few hundred years ago and having trouble dealing with it. Can have an annoying type of arrogance that seems to stem from not realising many people of different races are still a bit angry about having their culture stripped of them in a barbaric and cruel fashion. This kind of stuff is not really taught in the school system as many are ashamed of it now. Their main critics are the Irish who were relatively happy left to their own devices before the 700 hundred years of oppression, the Scottish who think they're wankers, the Aussies who think they're pussies and the French who dont like anyone.
The British are alright I suppose but they knock more than their fair share of wankers for the size of the country. Still they churn out some damn fine comedy both on TV and stand up
by Smoky D November 15, 2006

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