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4 definitions by Smoking Windmills

A person who has reached a physical waist circumference of such profound proportions that sports and various obesitasks will have to be invented to make her or him any use to anyone whatsoever. We are talking wa-hay beyond '2 seat tickets in an airplane' (although that is defo on the right track); this is more in the realm of the scary monster (a skippy ball in fact) in Jon Carpenter's classic, sublimely low-budget movie 'Dark Star'.
Hey man, you wanna be our obesitoy for the next game of push-shove-punch'n'kick it?
by Smoking Windmills July 21, 2010
1) A person, hired and paid for, who no matter how high their level of education and/or experience, will always manage to make matters worse, rather than better. Messing up your neat stack of TPS reports; tripping and spoiling hot coffee on the exec that was about to inform you of your promotion; rear-ending your Porsche with a Honda Civic on a weekly basis.

2) Another definition of course is: complete absence of tolerance for anything whatsoever. This affliction only lasts to your demise, which should by all rights be imminent.
1) I think Flabbergasted Hasntgotaclue should be our antisistant of the month. All in favor, throw your obesitoy at him *now*.

2) Man she's so antisistant she cannot even put on a Snorgtee without sneezing!
by Smoking Windmills July 23, 2010
Formallly spelled deLARPify: the process of slowly (or again - see larpified - quickly if you're really good) de-mindfucking a person so they no longer believe they are vampires, elves, ents or other ungothly creatures.

PC and Console 'shootahs' make a fine instrument to kick the elf out of someone's disturbed psyche.
You bit her neck and actually *drank* some drops of blood? Man, you need to delarpify ASAP!
by Smoking Windmills July 19, 2010
Formally spelled LARPified it relates to the process of slowly having mindfucked (or fast if you are really good) people into thinking they are Elves, Ents or other unearthly creatures.

Also see Delarpify.
You actually ordered a Lembas Bread? How larpified is *that*, grrl!
by Smoking Windmills July 19, 2010