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Hard Rock is just classic rock that's often a little too hard and rocking for the ladies who prefer more mellow stuff which is cool.Classic rock includes any rock from the 60's and 70's such as psychedelic rock,acid rock,hard rock,progressive rock,progressive hard rock and maybe some metal before it became such a trendy fad and before Mtv fagged it up beyond repair and the underground dicks didn't help either with the possible exception of "some" thrash metal.Classic rock was more blues influenced and soulful than today's metal which is too stiff and stupid and dark and goth and evil to be enjoyable.

Let's do this right with no faggy hair metal or grunge tards...

Led Zeppelin
Rush (started out as hard rock and hard progressive rock)
Ted Nugent
BTO (listen to songs like "Not Fragile" and "Welcome Home")
Thin Lizzy
Scorpions (old stuff before the dark times,before metal)
Black Sabbath
Alice Cooper
Queen (if you don't think so it's because you haven't listened closely enough)
Deep Purple
Ozzy with Randy
Van Halen (the original Van Halen only)
Pat Travers
April Wine

Hard Rock is very closely associated with rock,classic rock,progressive rock and progressive hard rock,as well as with psychedelic or "acid" rock and "Southern Rock" as well.

If your girlfriend likes it then it might be rock or classic rock or pop rock or maybe Southern Rock.But if your girlfriend says "can we listen to something else?" then it's probably too hard for her ears,too long,too progressive and has too many solos for her.Hence, "Hard Rock."

All rock is good as long as we're talking about classic rock which really is what all of this is.Classic being pre-Mtv rock and hard rock and southern rock and prog rock and prog hard rock and acid rock or psychedelic rock,but not really metal except for maybe barely a litle bit.Bands that were rock or hard rock or metal before Mtv could still pass as classic rock.If I had to list all classic rock bands then I would be here for fucking ever.
Hard Rock was meant to be played loud without shame or embarassment.Something that just doesn't hold true to most of today's rock and metal.Hard Rock played loud sounded good and was a true test of the quality of a good stereo.Back then stereo had equalizers unlike today's piece of shit stereos which are almost always devoid of a good EQ and usually come with a stupid fucking "bass boost" button.
by Smokin October 15, 2005

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