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An alcoholic drink containing 1 part Jaggermeister, 1 part Peach Schnapps, 1 part Cranberry Juice.
Best chugged from the cranberry juice container, Redheaded Sluts are a favourite in the midwestern urban lifestyle.
Jake and Justin were rockin' Redheaded Sluts in the driveway.
by SmokeyJ February 12, 2005
When you scare a girbel into crawing into your ass from a tube that gets hot.

Very popular in san frisco
I asked him if he wanted to girbel then he knocked me out for being gay.
by SmokeyJ March 31, 2005
The quality of the ability to attach a bong to a given object, thus giving the functionality of a bong to said object.
It slices, it dices... it's even attachabongable!
by SmokeyJ February 14, 2005
STL Slang for 'greening,' or taking the first hit of, a crack rock.
"Hey, man, can I get a lock and roll?"
"Nawh, man... I'm down to my last and I'll be fiending later."
by SmokeyJ July 06, 2005
A mixed shot containing 1 part Jagermeister, 1 part Tequila.
Created in the midst of a drunken LAN party, the Counterstrike is a shot that's guaranteed to have you wishing you were either: a. Dead or b. Able to stop puking
Man... that last round of Counterstrikes really fucked me up. I'm gone.
by SmokeyJ February 20, 2005
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