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Play the song "Smoke U Out" by D-Loc of the Kottonmouth Kings

whoever is holding the piece/blunt/etc to smoke starts to take a hit when the smoke chant starts at 1:12

that person must stay taking a hit until the chant ends at 1:29

if they stop hitting it, cough during, stall by not hitting it or just dont complete it within the smoke chant they are out of the session/circle for the remainder of the bowl pack/blunt/etc

if they do complete it they can 'Smoke U Out' and also start the next bowl pack/blunt/etc
"I played the Smoke U Out game when smoking Charlie's zong yesterday, my lungs killed after but I actually did it"
"Wow dude, I can never do it"
by smokeyouout January 25, 2012
a bowl that is similar to a zong but a bowl. the neck part leading to the bowl pack is either cuved or in a Z formation
"Yo I got this new piece man"
"What is it?"
"Dude its a fucking Zowl, its nasty"
"Sounds fucked....let's smoke it"
by SmokeYouOut March 04, 2012
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