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2 definitions by SmokeTwibz

JASON - 'the healer', 'to heal', or 'to cure'.

In Greek Mythology, Jason was a Thessalian hero who led the Argonauts in the quest for the Golden Fleece.

You can also find the name Jason in the Bible. Jason had a house that was used for refuge by Paul and Silas.

According to some philosophies, the name Jason is assosiated with.....

- Sensitivity and appreciation for the finer and deeper things in life.
- Reading, study, and contemplation of many different subjects.
- Intense curiousity and intrigue by anything out of the ordinary.
- When confronted with monotony, curiousity and the initial intrigue will wane, resulting in many things left unfinished.
- A desire for a quiet and peaceful environment, but this is rarely obtained.
- Extremely high ideals and expectations, leaving oneself disappointed and cynical.
A very common name given to a male in the United States is Jason.
by SmokeTwibz January 28, 2013
Vaganal Fluid is the mixture of a women's bodily fluids produced anywhere from her vagina to her anus.
Person One: What's up with your piss, girl?? It's always so thick and dark looking...

Person Two: It's vaganal fluid. A couple of weeks ago, my boyfriend fucked me so hard that I ended up with a vaganus!

Person One: So, what you're saying is that isn't piss... right? Are you saying that it's your piss, shit, and cum all mixed together?

Person Two: Unfortunetly, yes... you are correct.
by SmokeTwibz November 14, 2013